Computers and drug discovery
Publicaties, 2009, Life Sciences, Interface, English
woensdag, 11 maart 2009

Predicting biological activity of compounds accurately is of great importance in the development of new drugs. Not only bioinformatics methods are used to predict for example receptor interaction with a drug, but also cheminformatics methods to predict the possible toxicity of a potential drug molecule. Jeroen Kazius constructed extensive databases and designed new data mining methods which can more accurately predict such activities.


Genome-wide approachtes towards identification of sucerptibility genes in complex diseases
2008, Life Sciences, Interface, English
maandag, 01 december 2008

For an increasing amount of disorders it is becoming clear that many genetic variants are involved. Finding these variants and the affected disease genes makes looking for a needle in a haystack seem like a walk in the park. Bioinformatician Lude Franke devised new statistical methods to identify such variants.


Dynamic software infrastructures for the life sciences
2008, Life Sciences, Interface, English
vrijdag, 01 augustus 2008

Imagine having to write fourty times less lines of code to produce software for your data analysis system. This is what informatician Morris Swertz from Groningen has accomplished with his Molgenis software generator. He recently received his PhD degree for his research.



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